Tips for maintaining your Scrubber Dryer

Having invested in a scrubber dryer you want to be sure you get value for your investment. A few basic maintenance checks will give your machine the best chance of being effective. Regular servicing from a professional will ensure the safety of the machine for all users and provide a healthy lifespan for the machine. Rota Industries offer maintenance contracts for all our scrubber dryers, contact for further details.

Here are some of the basic maintenance checks to help you maintain your scrubber dryer:

  1. Clean the recovery tank- When your scrubber dryer is in use, the dirty water is collected in the recovery tank. Always empty the dirty water tank each time you’ve finished cleaning. Then leave the drain hose open on the floor and flush the tank with clean water – this clears any residues and avoids a build-up of sludge in the water tank helping prevent drain hose blockages. If you don’t clean the recovery tank regularly, it’ll start to smell as well.

2.Check the squeegee blades for damage – Visually inspect the rubber blades to make sure it’s free of any cuts, tears or excessive wear. Rubber squeegees in good condition help leave your floor drier, cleaner and safer.

Damaged Squegee
Replaced with new squegee

3. Wipe the squeegee blades– Use a damp rag, cloth or hose to clean off the rubber blades paying attention to removing any build up from the front edge of the squeegee blade

4. Clean the Solution filter – Most scrubber-dryers whether ride-on or walk behind have a solution filter to avoid any debris from the clean water tank travelling through the solution pipework and blocking it up. Remove the solution filter and flush it out under in a sink or under a tap.

5. The batteries – These are one of the most expensive parts of a scrubber dryer so maintenance is key Once the batteries are fully discharged, recharge in a well ventilated area – typically this is done overnight. This will allow the batteries to charge to 100%. Try to avoid using them for short periods and recharging for short periods as this will severely limit the battery life if your machine has ‘wet cell batteries’ and ‘not maintenance free batteries’ safely check the water levels and top up if necessary.

6. Brush/Pads – All scrubber dryers have either a brush or pad for cleaning . These need to be checked for wear and regularly cleaned. You should also ensure that the brush or pads you are using are suitable for the surface you are cleaning; using the wrong brush could either damage it or render it useless. If you’re not sure feel free to call us on 02956300. Brushes wear out over time and become less efficient, so it’s important to set a schedule for scrubbing brush/pad replacement so your floor scrubber delivers excellent results every single time it’s used.

Worn Pad
New Pad

As always we are here to help if you have any queries on this Blog. We are 30 years in business and our motto has always been “We wont see you stuck”. If your machine is not one of ours but still needs a service, feel free to contact us for a quote. We will service almost all brands of scrubber dryer.