Top 10 Reasons to Hire

It’s the question we often get asked, WHY HIRE?

So we have teamed up to give the top 10 reasons in one blog!

Top 10 Reasons to hire from ROTAHiRE.IE

  1. Low capital outlay: It’s all about the money! Save yourself the big capital outlay involved in purchasing by hiring
  2. Budgeting: Cashflow is vital for any business, hiring will make your cashflow projections much easier as you know exactly how much is going to be going out each month
  3. No service costs: At RotaHire our service costs are included in the hire rate
  4. Demonstration and instructions for machine are fully provided upon delivery: Our trained Service Engineers will provide a full demonstration of your hire machine.
  5. Try before you buy / Trial period: We can also provide you with the option to try out the machine for a month before signing up for a 3 year hire agreement.
  6. Support and Advice on any issues you may have : We know how it is, you go out to the machine one day and it just doesn’t work! Someone has hit a wrong switch or combination of buttons and now nothing is happening. Don’t worry all our hire customers can contact us free of charge to solve these problems.
  7. Safety advice: Safety has always been a priority for us we will always provide you with the most up to date safety advice
  8. Three years worry free when it comes to your cleaning equipment: Self explanatory – we have it covered
  9. Brand new machine provided every 3 years: That’s right after three years hire we will replace your old machine with a brand spanking new machine at a reasonable hire rate. (90% of our customers continue to hire with us after the initial three year hire.)
  10. You avoid owning obsolete equipment: You haven’t had to shell out for an expensive machine that’s now outdated and you don’t have to justify shelling out again for an up to date machine. This can also be more tax efficient.

At the end of the day we are 30 years in business and the number one reason our customers stick with us? It’s always been our customer service. Our motto : “We won’t see you stuck”